When you book time at a studio, you are not just renting a room full of cool equipment.

Rooms and equipment don't make great records. People do. Some of the greatest recordings of all time were done with just a couple of microphones and a tape (or disc) recorder. It was the talent of the people both in the studio and in the control room that made those recordings; their ingenuity, their passion, their energy. Not their equipment. Gear is cheap. Talent and passion are priceless.

If you're reading this page, you're probably a musician. Maybe you're wondering why you should even bother going into a studio, or maybe you just want to know how this guy George works before you call him. Read on, contact Galilee and ask lots of questions. We like that.

What is Galilee Productions?

Galilee is a recording studio in Cumberland, RI where over a thousand special artists have made their recorded statements. It's a room full of cool equipment. Mainly, though, Galilee Productions is George Dussault.

Who is George Dussault?

George has been working in studios and on stages professionally since he was 13 years old. In that time he has engineered and / or produced thousands of very significant recordings by some very gifted artists. There isn't a single step in the evolution of audio technology that he has missed. From analog 4, 8, 16 and 24 track to ProTools, George has done it all.

He has also worked within every musical genre imaginable; from metal to country, bluegrass to hip-hop, pop to punk, Indian to jazz. He has been in the middle of some of the most pleasant and most challenging recording situations ever documented, and he has never failed to deliver the goods.

He's also loved every minute of it.

If you're worried about indie-cred... George has done all this himself. He has no big financial backers. He is in debt to no one. He answers to himself and to the artists he supports. And he supports all artists equally, regardless of genre, level of development, or level of success. His focus is squarely on the music.

As a musician he plays six instruments, though he is known particularly for his guitar-playing.

What can he do for me?

First of all, one of the great advantages to having a good engineer on your side is the sonic one. It's not just about having the most expensive mics and whatnot. It's the details: tuning the drum kit to sound good before the mics are even put up; making snap decisions about guitar tones that will complement, not obliterate each other; and countless other things.

Secondly, you would hope that when you enlist someone to handle your music, the man or woman you choose will be sympathetic to your ideas of what you should sound like. You want him to listen to you, work with you and be willing to toss out the rule book. Maybe you would even appreciate a some input from the person, especially if you know that he or she isn't just after your money, but wants to make great music.

Ask yourself this:

Do you really want someone to sit there saying, "yeah, that's cool," and take your money no matter what you do?

Conversely, do you want someone who imposes his or her musical vision on you, so that your recording becomes his or her version of you, not what you truly are?

George is neither of these.

When George walks into any recording studio, there are no egos, there is no greed. There is music, and everything he does is geared towards helping you achieve your goal. George's emphasis is on great songs, great performances and great recordings. He pays as much attention to the feel of the music as he does to the sonic detail, and you can trust that you will be pleased with the results.

The studio address is 90 Hines Rd, Cumberland, RI 02864. For directions, click here.
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